We highly recommend uploading a profile photo for your job listing! Job seekers gravitate towards job listings with a photo and tend to pass over job listings without one. See the difference for yourself in this example:

It looks a little more inviting, right?

Here's how you upload a photo for your job listing:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Listing Photo" section.

When creating or editing your job listing, under "Job Description," you can upload your photo in the "Listing Photo" section.

We recommend selecting an actual photo of the interior/exterior of your practice, or alternatively a photo of your staff in action. You could also even use your practice's logo, but try to avoid stock photos if you can.

Step 2: Upload the photo.

Option 1: Drag and drop your photo.

From any local file on your computer, you can drag and drop your photo file into the upload box shown below. Use this option if you have the photo formatted to your liking and readily available.

Option 2: "Choose a File" using Filestack.

CovalentCareers.com uses Filestack to help you upload photos from all over the web. Use this option to help you navigate the many locations where your photo can be located (e.g., some popular locations are Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

2a. Select the the location of your photo file on the left side of the Filestack viewer.

2b. Follow the prompts to connect with your location.


2c. Select the photo file (.jpg and .png files are the most popular file formats, but any image type will do).

2d. Once you select the photo, you can crop it and select "Save."

Step 3: Change the photo.

Follow the steps above to change the photo at any time.

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