Your privacy is important. We provide the opportunity for you to control whether your profile is Public or Private.

Your profile is set to Public by default.

Information that you include in your Public profile is visible to all Employers, including your photo, name, bio, resume, contact information, etc.

Note: You can learn more about how Employers see your profile by reading this article about Unlocks.

You can set your profile to Private at any time.

Private profiles are not visible to any Employers on the platform unless you apply to an Employer's job. When you apply to a job, that Employer can see all of the information contained in your profile as if it were public.

Note: Your likelihood of connecting with Employers is significantly reduced with a Private profile, because Employers cannot find you or message you. Some Job Seekers prefer their profiles to remain Private for various reasons, e.g. if the Job Seeker does not want anyone knowing that he or she is in fact seeking a job.

If you want to change your profile setting to Private, here's how you do it:

Step 1: Go to "My Account" > "Settings."


Step 2: In "Privacy," select "Private," then "Save Settings."

Step 3: You will receive confirmation that your profile has be set to Private.

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